Beautiful update of website for construction company in Bergen

Byggpartner Bergen AS

Illustrasjon som demonstrerer nettsiden til Byggpartner Bergen på en macbook og en iphone

The need and wish

Byggpartner Bergen AS wanted an update of the website's appearance. New pictures of employees had to be put in place, and they wanted to highlight the beautiful houses of Skalahus in a more sophisticated way.

The website already had good elements such as some established branding colors and pages with good information. Here, it was mostly about getting a fitter look that was more appealing to visitors.

skjermdump av Byggpartner Bergens gamle nettside slik den så ut før oppdatering
Skjermdump som viser hvordan nettsiden til Byggpartner Bergen ser ut etter renovering

Solution and result

This was a collaboration with Dorthe Austevoll in Bergen. She had customer meetings with Byggpartner Bergen while I was at Teams. Together we came up with what should be on the website and how we could make changes. She created a wireframe base in Adobe XD, and then I took the design to new heights, making visual improvements along the way as I set up the website.

With great photos from Skalahus, in addition to photos Dorthe took of the employees at work, the website was given new life and now looks great and tidy.

This website also got great contact cards for its employees, and the timeline I had used in the design of Remtech's new website got another use in this case that works very well.

The project was completed relatively quickly and was due to be handed over in the spring of 2023.

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