Film production

Film producer in Eastern Norway​

I take on film production for companies throughout Norway, with the main focus on the immediate area of Oslo and Østfold in Eastern Norway.

As a drone pilot within specific category, in addition to many years of experience filming from ground level, I can deliver film productions with good dynamics and variety, both for social media and other purposes.

Licensed and universally designed

Music and sound effects are always purchased with usage rights.
When speaking, I use dropline for the benefit of the hearing impaired and for the sake of those who do not want to disturb their surroundings with sound.

The same film production adapted to several channels

There are many channels in social media (such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest and LinkedIn), and all of these present media in slightly different ways. In addition to having a varying user interface, these also have different layouts in relation to the function the film or image will be used in. It can therefore be useful to know exactly which platform/channel the production will be published on.

Occupy as much of the screen as possible

A rule to remember is that we should cover as much as possible of the screen of the person who will see the content. On YouTube, for example, the film should be published in landscape/landscape format (16:9), but if the same film is to be published on Instagram or TikTok, this format will mean that the film does not get enough attention. We can almost always assume that a smartphone is held vertically.

For Instagram, it may therefore be wise to post the same film in height/portrait format (9:16) or 4:5. (Some also use 1:1). Personally, I think a lot will be lost if I take a section of 9:16, so 4:5 is my favorite for social media.

When VELUX Commercial wanted short films from my drone flight at spectacular The Plus at Magnor, they specified, for example, that they wanted the films adapted to YouTube and LinkedIn, and then I delivered everything in both 16:9 and 4:5.

For  LinkedIn, intended for the target group that uses smartphones, I handed over the same film about The Plus in the 4:5 format.

The short film about The Plus at Magnor, here produced in landscape format 16:9.

Examples from previous assignments

Do you want to know more about film production?

Please feel free to contact me whether you have an idea, are a project manager for a film production or just want to get some answers related to my services.