Film production

Film producer in Eastern Norway​

Colibri Content undertakes film production for companies throughout Norway, with the main focus on the immediate area of ​​Oslo and Viken (as well as old Østfold) in Eastern Norway.

As a drone pilot in specific category, in addition to many years of experience filming from ground level, I can deliver high-quality film productions*, both for social media and other purposes.

Short films for increased engagement

By involving outsiders in your own working day, relationships are established with your company and the services you provide. This is a type of branding that creates trust, familiarity and loyalty, and all it takes is a little storytelling.

Film productions are adapted to the desired use. Feel free to get in touch and tell us about the project you have in mind. I can make proposals for implementation and make an offer without you committing to anything.

I am happy to help share you and your teams skills and services.

*I stick to short films with a duration of anywhere from 2-45 minutes.*

Pride in own work

Short films trigger a sense of pride in those behind the work in your company.

Heavy working days where challenges lined up, deliveries that did not arrive at the agreed time, bad weather and general time pressure can easily be forgotten when a short film focuses on well-executed work, good moments and a good final product.

Licensed, universally designed and varied

Music and sound effects are always purchased with usage rights.

When speaking, I use dropline for the benefit of the hearing impaired and for the sake of those who do not want to disturb their surroundings with sound.

With good planning, I can also film with a drone and GoPro (for timelapse) as well as from the ground with or without a gimbal. The mission can further be combined with photography and I always think safety.

Eika banks' Business Award

Each year, the Eika banks award the business prize to a local business. The awarding takes place at the Annual Conference in Trøgstadhallen, and before the awarding, an award film is shown that reveals and presents this year’s winner.

I had the pleasure of producing the prize film for 2023, and the winner was Baastad Mekaniske in Trøgstad.

(Only Norwegian text and speech provided)

From spring to harvest

My family and I have two farms at Trømborg in Mysen in Viken county. Through 2022, I filmed spring wheat, green grass and grain growing through the summer and finally the harvest itself in late summer.

This is the short film that summarizes everything in a very short time. ENJOY!

Presentation of Hobøl ASVO

This film is a collection of short films in which all 6 workstations at Hobøl ASVO are presented.

The film production was part of a larger project, where two new websites were also delivered to the company, some copywriting and images.

In this playlist you will find all the films that were produced for Hobøl ASVO. (Only Norwegian text and speech provided in all the films.)

From foundation to handover

This older short film is an example of an assignment where I have followed a project from cast foundations to completed project.

The client wanted me to mix in footage from their mounted timelapse camera as well.

The production is filmed handheld and without a drone.

Do you want to know more about film production?

Please feel free to contact me whether you have an idea, are a project manager for a film production or just want to get some answers related to my services.