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EPS Fuktsikring AS

EPS Fuktsikring AS ny nettside

The need and wish

EPS Fuktsikring AS's new website has a somewhat funny story behind it:

I had to carry out a term Semester Assignment during the education I am taking in Digital Marketing via Noroff. The task was to analyze an existing website for a company of our choice, where the website's branding, content strategy, user-friendliness and search engine optimization were to be analyzed and mapped. The results and suggestions for improvements were to be analyzed in a comprehensive report that both the school and the company received afterwards.

When the managers in EPS Fuktsikring AS received the report, it didn't take long before I was contacted with the question of whether I wanted to carry out the job of rehabilitating this website with the recommendations I had given in the report. Of course I would!

Focus on conversions:

EPS Fuktsikring AS has an exciting and innovative product that keeps basements dry, without the need for digging. They have over 40 years of experience in the field and are currently the only ones in Norway with a legally certified EPS system.

Despite a fantastic product, the website appeared outdated and lacked a clear branding. They therefore wanted a renewed and modernized look with a slightly clearer branding, and there was a strong focus on the fact that the main purpose of the website was to inform about the system in addition to leading visitors to booking an inspection.

eps nettside før

Solution and result

The entire website received a total makeover:

For a strengthened branding, the "voice of tone" from already published posts on social media was used in the website's updated text.

As the older version of the website had some problems with contrasts in the existing blue colour, we used a slightly deeper blue color to highlight headings. In addition, elements of orange were added.

The original website had a teardrop image that was repeated on all pages. This drop image was used on one wall of the company's stand during this year's Bygg Reis Deg fair, produced with an inclined wave. This look was recreated on the website's front page. In this way, we made sure to create a recognisability for those who had visited the stand at the fair, at the same time that previous visitors to the website would also recognize this image that had represented EPS Fuktsikring AS for years.

Book inspection

The site's structure in relation to an imagined customer journey was carefully planned. The new website takes the visitor through information about what characterizes moisture problems, how the EPS System can help, and what the visitor should do next. The pages are linked together so that visitors can get all the information they need and then book an inspection via one of the page's contact forms.

The website was completed the day before the Bygg Reis Deg fair 2023, and is so far the most visited website I have ever created. It has been a joy to follow Google Analytics and see that there are people on the page constantly throughout the day who are clicking around and exploring the content.

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