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Keeping a website alive and, in addition, social media, can be a very time-consuming process. Therefore, there are unfortunately a good number of websites out there that are fallow and badly need updating both in appearance and content.

I help companies with text production and I like to combine this with photography and film if desired. If you don't have a website, website design is also a service I offer.

Dette skjermbildet viser utsnitt av en artikkel som gjelder Møllebrua ved Sagelva i Strømmen
Would you like some good texts about your company?

Articles with a journalistic approach

As a marketing consultant for AE Gruppen AS and, among other things, the subsidiary Askim Entreprenør, I wrote (over a period of 3 years) many live texts/blog articles intended for the website. I wrote the articles with a warm and cozy journalistic approach, and together with photos I took, these gave readers an insight into both ongoing and completed projects.

One of my favorite extracts is the article about Møllebrua by Sagelva where I take the reader on a historical journey far back in time and feel the smell of “sweat, wet clothes, liquor, roast pork, freshly greased harness and horse.” I remember that this text engaged many people, perhaps because it was interesting to learn the story behind the bridge, and at the same time to meet both the zealots in Sagelva’s Friends and the general contractor in a completely new way.

Relationship building and employer branding

This type of text is fantastically good for building relationships both inside and outside the company in question.

By including the outside world in ongoing projects and at the same time talking about challenges and milestones along the way, the company appears to be both desirable and busy. They also present themselves as an attractive workplace, which can contribute to recruitment, and it is probably also with a certain pride that the employees can look back on previous work in this way.

Reference texts about exciting products and services

I wrote many lively texts during my time as a marketing consultant at AE Gruppen AS. Eventually I started my own business and upcoming assignments took my text production on completely new adventures.

VELUX Commercial contacted me and ordered text production for the newsletter. Gradually they understood that I also photograph, am a drone pilot and offer film production, – and thus the projects they commissioned also became increasingly larger and more varied.

A project that has clearly stood out is the reference article I wrote about the skylight modules that VELUX Commercial delivered to “The Plus” at Magnor. The photos I took of this lovely factory are now being used internationally by VELUX and I’m told are getting a lot of publicity. (Yes, I feel enormous pride!).

Around the same time period, I also wrote about a very special, tailor-made fire curtain that VELUX had delivered to U7 in Oslo.

In retrospect, I have delivered some short drone films showing The Plus seen from above, and the fire curtain coming down from its hiding place in the roof of U7.

Recently completed assignments, and those that are now a little ahead of time, contain both short films, photo packages and search engine optimized texts intended for your websites.

With the VELUX brand, I have gained experience in working according to a defined profile, where the brand’s style in relation to images and text is already set.

Do you need reference texts about their products or services?
Feel free to contact me, – I really look forward to hearing about your project.

Professional articles about products

As if writing for the above was not big enough, suddenly a nice guy from Stanley Black and Decker called with a request for text production.

They wanted text about DeWalt nut drivers and the choice of batteries for these. The professional articles were to be published on Optimera’s website.

I have zero knowledge of nut drivers (about as much knowledge as I do of tractors, actually), but this is where research comes into play: it’s amazing what you can manage to write about after interviewing professionals, doing thorough research , triple-checked the facts, and then put it all together into something easy to read and understand.

Thus, there was an article about DeWalt’s new raw tool of a nut driver, in addition to a separate article that tells about the right choice of batteries for DeWalt tools. (None of the cool pictures are mine, but you have to have goals in life, right?).

Would you like to challenge me to write a professional article about your products?
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Search engine optimization (SEO).

Important for both articles and websites’ “ranking” in search engines

In order for your company to achieve increased online visibility, you depend on both the website and all the digital content on it to be well search engine optimised. In other words, it must be optimized for the search engines most people use.

Google, the most widely used search engine worldwide, “crawls” and indexes all the content on our websites at regular intervals in order to be able to find relevant information for those who google/search for your products and services.

It is therefore important that whoever writes texts intended for websites has knowledge of search engine optimisation. With the help of (among other things) the right structure of texts, the use of relevant keywords, and search engine optimized image files, a text, a product or a website will have a greater chance of appearing among the results that Google chooses to present to your potential customers.

However, SEO is not common knowledge – it’s something I’ve learned more about over the past year while studying digital marketing. It is simply a completely separate subject that affects how well a website works. That is why I also offer search engine optimized text production for the websites I create.

In cases where companies order professional articles, blog articles and reference texts, this is also search engine optimised, and sometimes also written to be adapted to the brand’s specific wishes regarding length format and division.

Illustrasjon som viser en Maccbook og en iPhone med ny nettside
No website in place for your company yet? Or do you have an older and outdated website that is crying out for both rehabilitation and spring cleaning?

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