Drone pilot

Certified drone pilot within specific category​

Would you like to have drone photos?

I am a certified drone pilot in specific category and fly under Drone AS as responsible operator.

That means I…

This way, you and your company can have professional photos and film footage delivered from your projects and properties, without having to worry about laws, regulations and risks associated with drone use.

In my gallery you’ll see a lot of photos taken by drone. Most of them are under the folder “Landscape & Nature”.

Drone for documentation

Drone flight offers unique opportunities for good overview images from building and construction sites. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly common for drones to be sent up to document progress on various projects.

However, it is important that the drone pilot is familiar with the current legislation and flies with the correct certification in relation to the drone being used.

If you and your company need documentation of projects, I can act as a competent resource in this regard.

Takes the film to new heights

Pictures and films taken with a drone create variety and a unique dynamic in both picture galleries and presentation films.

That is why I always suggest including drone sequences in a film production, or drone images when I deliver images to my clients. Get in touch if this is of interest to you and your company.

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