Company photographer in South-East of Norway

I have many years of experience with varied assignments for companies and can offer, among other things:

  • product photography
  • photographing employees
  • food photography
  • documentation of arrangements, events and other solemn occasions
  • real estate photography
  • photography of machines

In addition, I am a drone pilot certified in specific category. In practice, this means that I fly a slightly larger drone and that I carry out a risk analysis before each flight.

I also take on freelance assignments for magazines and newspapers, and have good experience in collaborating with other companies in media and marketing.

Employee foto

With professional lighting and a consistent style on the portraits, the employees are lifted forward while the website, presentations and CV give an even more professional impression.

I photograph employees both outdoors and in their own premises, in addition to having access to a photo studio located in Rakkestad.

Product photo

From skylights to machine parts, clothes, materials or dishes; I photograph most things.

Both drones and system cameras can be used here – and only the imagination sets the limits.

Situational images

As a photographer, I’m very weak for the rough industries, and there’s nothing like being a fly on the wall!

Documentary style can be used in any industry, whether it is threshing and construction work, or the preparation and serving of exquisite food.

Feel free to contact me for documentary photography.

The machine park

If you are particularly proud of the machines in your company, then you have come to the right photographer!

To put it mildly, I have a weakness for anything with wheels. Add a colorful night sky or dramatic clouds and I’m SOLD.

Decorate the premises with enlargements, create a calendar for employees and partners, or create atmosphere on your website with great photos of your favorite machine!

Drone footage

I am a drone pilot certified in specific category and have so far filmed and photographed festivals and other events in addition to completed projects, property and products from the air.

Do you want to know more about my photographical services?

Whether you have a cool project going on or just want to ask me som questions related to photography, feel free to contact me.

Monica Snopetad