About me

This is Monica and Colibri Content AS​

Colibri Content AS offers services in digital content production and marketing, creates websites and also acts as a hired drone pilot for companies.

This small and creative company started as a sole proprietorship in December 2019 and became a limited company in January 2023. So far, there is only one employee in the company and that is me, Monica Snopestad.

Digital content production involves both film, text and photography. In order to be able to deliver photos and film clips from the air in addition, I became a certified drone pilot in a specific category in early 2022, and now I am also a student in digital marketing at Noroff.

I am fascinated by all creative processes, regardless of industry. I am probably especially weak for tough machines and the rough aesthetics of construction sites. That is why it is precisely the industries building, construction, industry and forestry that are most prominent on this website.


Colibri Content AS is a member company of the Rakkestad Business Council in addition to the Business Council's group of creative businesses in the area, "Kulturbanken".

In the autumn of 2023, I also became a member of the Norwegian Association of Photographers and Østfold Fotograflaug.

I love taking pictures of machines in the dark. Then I have full control over the light and have the opportunity to bring in the starry sky and colors you didn't think existed in all the black.

Vision, goals and values

All services I provide have one purpose: to contribute to increased pride and commitment within your company by highlighting your employees and the efforts you make.

This may involve documentary photography or filming on building and construction sites, in shop premises and in offices. Portraiture of employees to get professional photos for a website. Follow the process when developing a product or progress on a construction site. Produce short film clips where your employees talk about products and services, or offer valuable tips to the companies followers. Write articles for the website’s news pages or blog. Share digital content on social media in the form of images, subtitled films or infographics.

The goal is to help you and your company build relationships with potential customers, business partners and future employees. By sharing engaging, entertaining and valuable posts on the website and in social media, your company is lifted up and forward for increased online visibility.

What can you expect from me?

I am cheerful and enthusiastic as a person, and quite quickly develop a sincere commitment to my customers.

I am very quality conscious and do the job properly instead of rushing.

I have been described as very proactive. On this page, for example, you will discover my focus on security.

I am conscientious, discreet and have high integrity.

Besides, I always find a solution.

Typical Monica:

Artist and songwriter

As if I don’t do enough other creative things, I’m also a singer and songwriter, and on Friday 28 April 2023 my first song was launched!

The song Website has become my company’s theme song. It is about why companies should have a website.

I have a separate page for the musician part of me.

Do you want to know more about me?

There might be something else you would like to know about me, my references or previous projects. Feel free to contact me if you have anything you want to know more about. 

Monica Snopetad