Dark and rough theme for supplier of Menzi Muck and Wimmer

Truls Østerud AS

nettside lansert for truls østerud as

The need and wish

Truls Østerud is general manager of Menzi Muck Scandinavia and at the same time runs Truls Østerud AS, where he focuses on the sale of derricks and other applications for excavators, etc.

In addition to being a specialist in this field, he is known for tailoring systems where the Menzi machines and Wimmer Boretårn work seamlessly together.

With a website that had become old and outdated, it was time to carry out a complete renovation of the existing website. Truls wanted the products to present themselves well and for visitors to also find information in a simple way.

Skjermdump av hvordan nettsiden til Truls Østerud AS så ut før jeg ga den enn makeover
skjermbilde av hvordan nettsiden til Truls Østerud AS ble etter en makeover. Nettsiden er veldig mørk.

Solution and result

I used ADOBE XD and made specific suggestions for Truls on the choice of colors and appearance. He liked a dark look best, so we went for it.

The products themselves are not something you sell online. On the other hand, there was a wish that all information about the most important products should be out there, a bit like a catalogue. Therefore, I chose to set up the structure as if it were an online store, only without the option to order goods. This made the information and variety in the products clear for visitors. In addition, it is easy for Truls to add new products at a later date should the need arise

On this website we also added FAQ so that people can find answers to typical questions on the website.

The colors for the website have been selected based on the focus on yellow in Menzi Muck, as well as blue and red from Wimmer.

The project was completed in early 2022.

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